TextPipe Standard

TextPipe Standard 8.0

text transformation tool
10.8 (See all)

Cool New Functions:
New Multi-Processor support (in Server version) with Filters\Special\Switch CPUs to direct filtering to different CPUs. This enables massive performance enhancements for large data crunching tasks.

Revamped and Improved Mainframe Support:

Mainframe Copybook Wizard has been completely re-written as a filter. The parser now shows the line number of any error, handles INDEXED BY clauses, logs a warning if there is an invalid record at the end of file, and has an XML output option. It also now handles non-PIC style copybooks.

Usability Improvements:
Now detects Unix files being loaded into Trial Run area, and warns the user and offers to add an End-Of-Line conversion filter
Comment filters are now shown in green italics to make the filter list more readable
Tightened up the Analyze File Format function to correctly identify BOM and DOS End-Of-Lines in files
TextPipe now highlights the filter in error correctly, taking into account comment filters
Windows Vista installation support.

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